For Immediate Release

Claverack – Robin Andrews has announced her intention to run for Claverack Town Supervisor for this year’s upcoming election in November. Ms. Andrews currently holds a seat as Philmont Village Trustee and notes “I had no idea I was going to enjoy this work so much. It has inspired me to do even more.” Andrews has been very involved in the effort to keep Pine Haven in Philmont and is on the Supervisors sub-committee that is looking into the options for Pine Haven.

A Columbia County Leadership graduate, Robin has been a long time active volunteer in the community and then was elected as Village Trustee in 2007. As Village Trustee, she has been responsible for the opening and program development of the Philmont Community Center, has negotiated the purchase of the Village Green, has facilitated discussions among neighbors to have a parking plan for the Hearth that worked for everyone and has initiated the development of trails at Summit Heights. Her involvement with business development began when she became a member of the Philmont Comprehensive Plan Board and wrote the sections on Working in Philmont and Visiting Philmont. As a small business owner herself, she helped to compile the list of almost 100 businesses in the area and held annual networking gatherings as Chair of the Main Street Committee. She was the founding President of the Philmont Local Development Board and still serves with both groups, most recently completing a brochure on Doing Business in Philmont.

“My experience on the Village Board has taught me that with some creative problem solving and a lot of hard work, energy, perseverance, listening and communicating you can really make a difference. And that’s what I want to bring to Claverack.” Andrews notes that her priorities are actively promoting small business development; using her technical skills to facilitate improved efficiencies and communication; and pursuing supportive solutions for optimized community space – addressing the needs for the Claverack library, the firehouse, the post office, the town hall, the Mellenville Grange and general community meeting space, through grants and other creative opportunities.

Andrews is a publishing consultant, working out of her home doing software training and support for magazine circulation planning and financial budgeting. Her clients include large publications such as ESPN, Wall Street Journal and Yankee. She grew up in Springfield, MA and has lived in Claverack for 10 years with her partner Chris Lastovicka and their two cats, Dill and Basil.

Contact: Robin Andrews