Katy Cashen for Claverack Town Board

Katy Cashen

124 Roxbury Rd.
Claverack, NY

Dear Neighbor,

This year, two seats are available for the Claverack Town Board in the upcoming election on November 8th. I am asking that you consider electing me, Katy Cashen, to represent you for one of those seats.

I believe that we need our elected officials to listen to the people, put in the time and hard work that it takes to understand the issues, work with colleagues to find solutions and get the job done in a timely manner. The challenging economic times we are facing call for committed individuals who are willing to make some difficult decisions. We need individuals who will think independently and make thoughtful choices on behalf of all the citizens of Claverack. This is what I will stand for if I am elected.

I have deep roots in Claverack. I grew up here and know this town well. Like many of you, I care deeply about maintaining the unique qualities of our small town, while at the same time, creating a welcoming environment where businesses can grow and prosper and our citizens can find employment and support their families.

I have nearly three decades of experience working in the public sector and as a small business owner. I know how things get done in government, how to create a budget and stick to it, and how to listen to the needs of my clients. If elected, I will do the same for my constituents.

I have been a regular attendee of the Claverack Town Board meetings for years and serve on several town-appointed committees. As a result, I am very familiar with the issues facing the town and will be able to step right in and work with the rest of the Board to address the needs of the community. I also have flexibility in my work schedule which will allow me to be available and on-call for any town business.

I have the experience, time, and energy to devote to this job. I hope you will consider voting for me for Claverack Town Board on November 8, 2011. I promise I will work hard for all Claverack residents.
For further details, please see my website at www.KatyCashen.org.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Katy Cashen
Katy Cashen for Claverack Town Board
I will work hard for you!
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My Experience at the Local Level:
  • Town of Claverack Agricultural Advisory Committee Member
  • Town of Claverack Communications Committee Member
  • Columbia County Environmental Management Council Representative for Claverack
  • Columbia County Agriculture Farmland Protection Board Member
  • Board Member, Triform Camphill Community for developmentally disabled individuals

If Elected, I Will:
  • Keep a watchful eye on all expenditures and make sure taxpayer dollars aren’t wasted.
  • Promote efforts to bring Internet and Broadband access to all parts of the town.
  • Work to identify new ways the town can better support existing small businesses and encourage new businesses.
  • Work with fellow Board Members and the public to implement updated zoning regulations.
  • Seek out ideas and suggestions from the public and other local officials on potential opportunities for increased coordination of services among nearby towns and villages.
  • Promote the use of technology to complement the traditional means of distributing town information.
  • Work with everyone on the Town Board to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Please visit my website: www.KatyCashen.org