Shailer Evans for Claverack Town Board

Shailer Evans
Shailer Evans
4 Perry Road
Box 365
Claverack, N.Y

Dear Fellow Citizens,

There are not Democratic or Republican issues in our voting district. There are only people issues. What counts in this election, or any election, is the character of the people seeking office and their willingness to keep the people’s best interests in mind when making decisions; especially when spending their money.

The second half of this letter will tell more of who I am; in this part I want to share my political ideas:
  • No town should spend more than it can afford. As a family, my wife and I do not and neither should the local government.
  • My vision of local government is to do the most for the taxpayer at the least expense.
  • Good government over time needs an active two-party system. We may not always think so, but in the long run each party needs the criticism of the other so as to not overstep its authority. A healthy debate over issues is to everyone’s benefit.
  • Those on the town board are there to serve the community in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • If elected that is what I pledge to do. I will look at issues and make decisions based on their merits with no regard to special interests.
  • The Claverack Town Board must support small businesses and encourage new business for the community.
  • Board meetings do and should continue to include public comment time, where people are encouraged to share their thoughts. Each board member should be willing to discuss issues with citizens.
  • I served on the Hudson City School Board of Education and had a personal policy of returning calls within 24 hours. I will do the same again if elected. I may not always have an answer for you. If I don’t, I will tell you that and then try to get the answer. You, the public, deserve that kind of respect.
•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •
I have been a resident of Claverack since 1968, have lived all this time at 4 Perry Road, and with my wife, Bina, have raised two sons. I attended high school in Cambridge, NY, served four years in the U.S. Air Force, graduated from college, and taught in the Hudson City School system for over 30 years.

I have been a past president of the Hudson school board, I am currently Chairman of the Board of Directors at the CG Federal Credit Union, a member of the Ghent Band, a past member of the Claverack Planning Board, and a member of the Hudson Fish and Game Club. I love to shoot and every Friday possible I shoot trap at the club. I have owned guns most of my life and cherish the right to use them.

I have five grandchildren who live in Vermont. I want them to live in a town in which the government is responsive to their needs and to the needs of their parents. I want the same for you and your children also.

If elected, I will work for you as diligently as I can.