Robin Andrews, Robert Preusser, Diane Boice-Yorck Nominated at Claverack Democratic Caucus August 24

The Claverack Democratic Caucus, held August 24, 2013, unanimously nominated Robin Andrews, current Town Supervisor for re-election, Robert Preusser, current Town Board member for re-election, and Diane Boice-Yorck, for election to the Town Board.

Robin Andrews, a former Philmont Village Trustee was elected four years ago to replace incumbent James Keegan, and has since worked with the current Republican majority to institute new zoning based on the new Comprehensive Plan, and appoint an Economic Development Committee to encourage new business in town. She has also created volunteer advisory committees for agriculture, historical preservation, and communications, and supervised the expansion and redesign of the Town website, which now provides agendas, budgets, and tax bills online, as well as a host of other information. Andrews maintains an email list, open to all Claverack residents, with whom she communicates regularly. She is committed to an inclusive Town government, and says “I am here to listen. It doesn’t matter who you are; you can make a difference.”

Robert Preusser, native of Claverack, is a current Town Board member, and Deputy Supervisor, who has worked successfully with Andrews for the past four years. After losing his bid for the Republican Party nomination for Town Supervisor, he was endorsed by the Claverack Democratic Executive Committee for Town Board. Preusser owns JJRT, a local environmentally-sound company that creates and maintains ponds, and is known for his commitment to the environment. “Claverack made history on Saturday,” Bob says. “The Claverack Democrats took a big step towards bipartisanship, by nominating a Republican to run on their ticket. It’s not all about party; it’s about getting things done. We all agree on certain things; we need to work together to make them happen. We might have to give up a little, but we’ll get where we need to go.”

Diane Boice-Yorck is a Columbia County native and Taconic Hills graduate, who held a number of positions in Ancram town government, including Town Clerk. She has lived in Claverack for the past fifteen years, and has worked for the American Bio Medica Corporation, or its predecessor, for nearly two decades. Her goals include strengthening the local economy, so that young people can make their lives here, and improving the use of technology for more efficient Town operations. Boice-Yorck says “I will work across party lines for the good of Claverack, as I know that without teamwork, nothing can be achieved.”

Deborah Shakotko, chair of the Claverack Democratic Committee says, “Since Robin’s election four years ago there has been a new spirit of openness and approachability at our Town Board meetings. Robin is actively involved on the County Board of Supervisors as well, and updates us at the Town Board meetings with both formal and informal views. Everyone can now be involved and heard.”